Naples Kensington MLS Home Current Listings For Sale

When an individual decides to look for properties in Naples, they will often search for Florida real estate businesses. They can also look at the MLS listings which will show them what is currently available. If you do not have a particular location in mind, you might want to consider segregating your search to country clubs that are in Naples. There is one in particular called Kensington that you may want to consider living at because of its reputation. Here is a little bit of information about Kensington, and also how you can use the website for mls listings in Naples to help you narrow in on a property that will be perfect for you and your family.

Why Choose Kensington?

If you take a look at the Kensington Country Club, you will be impressed with what they have to offer. It has one of the best golf courses in Naples, having one several different awards, even hosting PGA tournament events. When a golf course is recognized as such, it becomes highly coveted, and people will want to play on that course. You can serve as a member, something that you will want to become if you also decide to live in this community. There is a total of 565 homes in the community with prices ranging between half $1 million to 1.4 million. Condominiums go up to 600,000, but you can squeeze in at 330,000 to start. The entire location is built on 370 acres, and there are 12 neighborhoods. You can choose from villas, coach homes, and even single family homes plus several luxurious estates.

What Will You Get As A Member At Kensington

As a golf course member, you get access to a two-story 30,000 square foot country club that is fantastic. PGA staff members are there, plus there is a tennis center that provides you with seven clay courts. The fitness center is enormous at 3500 square feet, and you get access to gourmet dining. They have an award-winning executive chef, plus there is a heated Olympic sized saline pool that you can also use. These are just a few of the many things you will get as a member and Kensington, and you will have access to all of this every day when you wake up if you live there. If you decide to look at properties, you can check the MLS listings today, and also contact a few realtors to tell them what you are looking for.

Is This A Good Location To Live At?

Kensington is adjacent to Grey Oaks Country Club. There are many schools including Pine Ridge middle school, Lake Park elementary school, and Naples high school if you have children. There are so many activities in this area; you will never have time to do them all. You could head out to the Gulf of Mexico, one of the estuaries, or just head into the city. It is a prime location, one of the best in Naples, and their houses and condos are exquisite. If you do get to place an offer on a couple of them, if they have been on the market for some time, there is the definite possibility that you will be able to get a good deal. If living at an elite country club where you can play golf every day, and get access to all of these upscale amenities, you want to consider Kensington Country Club as a potential place to live. By checking the MLS listings online, you should be able to find several homes or condos that are currently at good prices.

This country club is certainly one of the better choices for those looking for a home in central Naples. It is in that portion of Naples where there is so much wildlife and protected areas of the Audubon Society. You will get to play in the midst of all of that with this carefully crafted golf course that uses a Core Design. You will see freshwater lakes, Sandy bunkers, pristine greens, and beautiful pine and oak trees. If your goal is to one day live at a country club that can provide you with everything we have just stated about Kensington, this might be the best time to contact a realtor about available properties.